Sweaty SMU Free Booze Tailgate

This is what you might look like after downing as many free beers as you can at a tailgate in 100 degree weather. Luckily this isn't a closeup because we are two nasty, but classy, sweaty girls.


  1. Nothing says cla$$y like pounding free beers with your child and sweating like a whore in church - BOOYAH!

  2. Jill you are looking super skinny in this pic... I can see your collarbone big time... looks like all the no eating anything that tastes good and only veggies for months has really paid off. You are totally highschool reunion ready!

  3. Love you soooo Miss B!!! I only wish I was reunion ready, but I am getting my off-brand botox on Monday, so that should help, right??