HFGBC Dictionary aka Classy v. 1.0

I thought it might be helpful to post some definitions/explanations for our may HFGBCisms for our millions and millions of fans and followers. And by millions of followers I mean the one we have who is not us. So here's to you, Emily!

1) Classy - all HFGBC girls strive to be classy above all else. We do realize; however, that classy people never, ever say the word classy, and we say it pretty much every other word. Classy people don't buy "classy big pearls from Target." Classy people "try to make timeless choices." Nevertheless, for us, it's all about classy and it always will be.

2) My dad - my husband. This term is to be used especially when referring to your husband cheaping out on you. For example, "my dad said I couldn't put my necklaces in individual ziploc bags because that would mean we were made out of money." True story. Single tear.

3) Rich - everything cool and awesome that we like is rich. Anytime we don't have something we wish we did we say, "I'm sorry, I'm not rich." For example, when one of us showed up with a casserole covered with Press-n-Seal, we all said, "Press-n-seal, huh? Looks like somebody's rich." True story again. BTW, I got Press-n-Seal for my birthday one year. I think you've heard about my dad.

4) TOAL - my dad actually made this one up, but we all use it. It stands for "trip of a liftetime." We use it to refer to an exotic Caribbean vacay, or a weekend trip to a state park in Oklahoma.

5) Popozao - we LOVE Britney, and thus we also love K-Fed. So if it's good enough for K-Fed, it's good enough for us. POPOZAO!

I know we will be adding tons more of our awesome sayings to this dictionary, so keep your eyes open for frequent updates.


  1. I'm sorry but I just peed myself from all my laughter!

  2. OMG, that made me LOL! I was hoping someone would define "classy" for our followers because I was afraid people would think we're being snotty when really we're just wanna-be's.