HFGBC honors Classy Jill

Our very own, Classy Jill, celebrated a very special birthday last month.  What better way to celebrate 40 years than to party on the beautiful island of Exuma in the Bahamas with our best friends!!  We started off our trip flying first class, duh we are classy, with Mr. Matthew McConaughey and his new bride, Camila.  He was so cool, he dressed way better than us and even signed my People magazine that they were on the cover of.  Oh wait, I'm totally lying about that last part because he was wearing sweat pants and he denied the flight attendant the autograph when she asked.  RUDE.   But, whatever, we proceeded to continue drinking and enjoy ourselves with the best flight attendant ever.  Thank you American for doing at least one thing right.  Our classy bunch goes straight for duty-free in Miami (as I now have the "Going to Miami" song stuck in my head all over again).  We all needed to stock up on perfume, yo.  Not really, but we did all and I mean all 14 (2 didn't come until Sunday) buy two bottles of liquor to take on the plane.  Classy!  That flight attendant sure wanted to come party with us!  And now we're finally in Exuma ready to party, hang on the beach, continue to get our drink on and celebrate Jill's birthday & surprises!

Day 1: Perfect weather, fun times at the beach, Nay Nay's punch is a hit, Eli attempts to swim to another island & the Cobb's arrive!
not quite...

talk about an entrance!

Surprise #1: Salli ordered custom Tervis Tumblers with photos and had everyone's name printed on them for Jill's birthday.  They are super cute & classy!

Surprise #2: All the girls got Jill Chanel sunglasses for her birthday!!

Day 2: It's Jill's BIRTHDAY!!
First boat day with a minor hiccup but there's always going to be some kind of boat inconvenience with our crowd!  Worked out for us as we got a pimp-er boat.

Surprise #3 (final surprise...all good things must come to an end): A video slideshow for Jill with photos AND rapping clips from all her favorites peeps!  Tears?!?  I brought tears to not only her eyes but Nathan's, too.  Damn, I am good!  That warms my heart. In all seriousness, seeing that made me cry again and I say again because I don't even know how many times I got teary eyed watching the video as I put it together.  I'm so glad they were both touched by it!

Day 3: Second boat day - rain. all. day. Slurracaine day 1, thank you, tropical storm Debby.  We stay inside and drink all day. 
Maybe go for a kayak in a light drizzle.

 Have a dance party and reenact scenes from Dirty Dancing...

Day 4: The Slurracaine died for the day, so we took our chances and went back out on the boats.  Choppy waters, bit of a breeze but we know how to bring a party to an island!

We ended the night with Fancy night.  Every trip to Exuma has Fancy night.  Don't all classy people have a "fancy night"?

Day 5: Slurracaine came back with a vengeance.  Debby was pissed off at someone!  Six of our friends flew home in the midst of that madness while we drank and played spades in our house with no power screaming at anyone that went near the fridge!  Finally, wearing our swimsuits all day paid off because the sun came out!  We made it to the beach!

Jill - we all know how hard you worked at planning this trip.  We thank you and Nathan for the time and effort you spent researching, planning, etc.  We love you and hope it was the best birthday ever!!

*I think next time we go on a trip we should up the bacon assumption.  We can surely find more ways to incorporate bacon into dishes.  Especially with all the pinning these days.

Love you