Don't be skaredddd

So the blog has been silent.  I keep checking back and nothing.  Crickets is all I hear.

What is up with that? 

I know~ no one wants to follow Jill and all her hilariousness.  Someone has to do it...don't be skareddd!

Fine, I'll go. 

So this morning, Ruby and I go to the grocery store after we drop the girls at school.  It's a pleasant Tuesday morning strolling down the aisles of the RIDICULOUSLY expensive store.  When Ruby says, "Ma'am, I need a new ironing board cover.  The one we have is brown."

***Now I am thinking in my head***  WTF...I have had that same ironing board and cover since I was first married. (13 years if you are keeping tally)  I have NEVER had to replace the cover.  It looked brand new when we shipped it over here.

Back to conversation with Ruby...

Me:  Brown, why is it brown?  Can't you wash it?
Ruby:  No. Ma'am. (she then proceeds to tell me why...)
Me:  OK.  Can you wait until mid October?
Ruby:  No problem, Ma'am.

I am pretty sure Ruby thinks I am an idiot.

So, in Singapore the ironing boards are not the same size as the US.  I did not have a PO for a brand new Singapore ironing board, so I am having to have my mom bring some ironing covers over when she comes in October.

I ask you ladies, how is that I can go my entire adult life not knowing you need to have replacement covers for your ironing board?  Is it reasonable to believe that you can go through a cover in 3 months?  I am so perplexed by this.  Granted she does use it almost everyday but still!  Have you had to replace yours?

How many covers should I request from my mom?  Can you tell that I will be thinking about this all day long?

Let me reiterate, I am pretty sure Ruby thinks I am an idiot.  I don't know about ironing boards and there are lots of other things as well that she has had to ask for...ie mashed potato masher...seriously, I ain't rich.  When Jill makes mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving at my house I am pretty sure she uses a fork...so now you can call me RICH because we have one now.  So, Jill, in 3 years when I am back on American soil for Thanksgiving I will have a masher for your delicious garlic mashed potatoes. And I will take an ice bomb as well.

What Ruby wants Ruby gets!


  1. Love it!!! I remember ironing some of my sweet Steinmart outfits at your house and thinking, "has anyone ever used this iron?"

    BTW - we iron daily and we replace our cover about twice a year. I do wash it in the machine, too. Nay loves him some start and it gets skanky pretty fast.

    Oh, and I do mash my potatoes with a fork - potato mashers are too RICH!!

  2. And by "start" above, clearly I mean "starch". TARDED!!

  3. Why is there not a dry cleaners in Singapore? RICH! I want a "Ruby" to come to my house to iron my sheets and my babies clothes! My dumb MIL burned a hole through my cover and then proceeded to break my ironing board when trying to put it back down. GRRRRRR
    BTW, $12 for Pillsbury cinnamon rolls is too rich for my blood.

  4. Well I stumbled across this on your other blog and man is this some funny stuff. You guys kill me! Hahha!

    AJ from Texas.