Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby SoHo

You will never guess what I HAD to do today. 

Walk my kids to school...you heard that right.  Walking in the Singapore heat at 8:30 in the morning is pure torture especially when you have 2 four year olds in the midst of it all. 

Are you asking yourself, why did they have to walk?  Because we are not RICH and only have one car. The Man was in town and needed the car.  Whatev! is all I have to say to that.  I need my own car.  Right ladies?  Back me up!

To top it off I could not a get a P.O for a taxi to drive me the 2 minutes it would take by automobile. 

So we had to trek it by foot.  I refused to take the double stroller because the girls are four.  Seriously their 4 that would be ridiculous.  15 minute walk we can handle that, right?

So, off we went on our first walk to school.

Can you guess who got carried?  Hint: it was not me or Layne.

Guess who did the carrying?  Hint:  it was not me or Layne

I know.  I am a sorry excuse for a mother.  I brought Ruby on the glorious walk to school.  I can't do anything on my own these days.

Fade into the lockers:   Layne and I strolling hand in hand picking flowers joyfully and humming Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby Soho while 2 steps behind is Ruby with a pink princess backpack over each shoulder and a 4 yr old in her arms.

In my defense, I told Ruby she did not have to carry Bryce.  She wanted to.

I think I will take the Texas sized stroller when I pick up the girls this afternoon....

and Ruby!


  1. Oh My Gosh....what a hard life! Can you bring Ruby with you to my house when you are here for a week? :)

  2. Ivy, I am so jealous. Who needs grandparents when you have Ruby?

  3. Does "Ruby" know that we call her Ruby? I mean, you've GOT to slip and occasionally call her that sometimes, right?

  4. I have asked B if we could bring Ruby with us to the states at Christmas...the ticket alone would be more than she makes in a year. That would be a first class ticket not economy. so that was a big fat NO!.

    Dara, although Ruby does make life alot easier it is still not the same as grandparents. :)

    Rachael, NEVER!


  5. I love this!!!!!!! Especially the ruby ruby ruby ruby soho part and the fade into the lockers part - GENIUS!!!