Bottomless Puking at 4:00 a.m.: A Cautionary Reunion Tale

Okay so FINALLY after just over a year of constant obsessing, dieting, running, shopping, fake botoxing, laser facing, mani/pedi-ing, hair dying and annoying the CRAP out of every single person who knows me, my 20-year high school reunion has come and gone.

It was, in a word, AWESOME!!!! I won't try to be too sappy, but it was exactly what it should have been, and we (my classmates and I) were exactly who we should have been 20 years ago. Everyone was nice, and happy, and genuinely interested in each other. We hugged, kissed, bought each other beers, and talked about our kids and our lives. We reminisced about high school and how big of jerks we all were. But mostly, we acted like the good people none of us were in high school when we were all too worried about being cool to be nice. It was a lovefest. And a beer/Strawberry Hill fest (clearly, I have always been classy). And later, Jill's personal bottomless pukefest. And by bottomless I mean my pants. And my ginormous Assets (from the makers of Spanx!). You know how when you are lying on the bathroom floor and your Assets (from the makers of Spanx!) are cutting off your circ when you're trying to get your puke on...those babies are coming off. My dad was all trying to cover my nakedness as we were at his parents' house and all, and I think I probably replied belligerently with an incoherent "F off, buddy (glug glug glug - that's the sound of me puking)". But seriously, I know you were all waiting to hear about this with baited breath, especially you, Emily, so I wanted to get something up about it now that my four day hangover has worn off.

Because everyone I hang out with is far younger than me (I am extremely immature as well as classy and sophisticated), I encourage you all to go to your reunions, even if you totally and completely don't want to do it. It is soooo worth it.

I am so glad I went back and gave my high school friends a chance to be the better people they are now. And I am even more glad that they gave me a chance, too.

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  1. I am so pleased that you had a good time. But am even more pleased that you sent a cautionary out as I just received yesterday via email that the planning of the James E Taylor class of 91 is in the planning stages...good times! Because seriously, I was havin' fun in 91'! Go Stangs!