Holla if you're 'bout ready for this sh*t to go VIRAL!!

So I have nothing of interest to say whatsoever, except the following:

1) Seriously, this blog needs to go viral (whatever the hell that means) so that I can make bank and quit working. Like forever. Oh, who am I kidding my Dad would make me work even if I won the Powerball. Regardless, let's take this sweet blog to the streets, because I wanna be a billionaire so frickin' bad.

2) I would like the record to reflect that I originally wrote a full-on bad word in the title of this post, then, remembering my classiness, put a classy-ass asterisk in instead of an "i". Two points in the classy collumn for Jill.

Peace out!


  1. You should post this on your FB page...I dare you!

    Oh and HOLLA!

  2. Y'all should post it on your FB pages.