Top 5 things I LOVE about my gurl, Rach

So, this is obviously part 1 of a 7 part series, so ladies get ready for your own personal shout out. Why, you ask? Because I love the sh*t out of all of you and I don't care who knows it. Sappy love is the new black, duh. Oh and I don't think you are reading my awesome blog posts anymore and I know you will if they are about you and not my kid. Way to be selfish, ladies.

So, here goes:

1) Upon being served vodka out of a giant spigot, she asks, "Gabe, what kind of vodka is this?" Like they put top shelf vodka in a SPIGOT? Presh.

2) Upon sitting down at a blackjack table with 5 other awesome HFGBC hotties and dudes, she asks the dealer to "name which Friends characters we are!" Then, she corrects the dealer for incorrectly labeling me "Phoebe."

3) She always carries a gorgeous, rich, designer purse, but when she sees a friend with Glad Press-n-Seal, she declares it "RICH"!!!

4) She gets all her maternity clothes at Forever 21 or the Teen Mom section of Motherhood.

5) She treats her daughter's birthday parties as if they were the f'ing Catalina Wine Mixer.

Love you, gurl.


  1. This makes my heart melt Jill. XOXO

  2. Let us not forget her hot dance moves to urban beats. PZ!