Top 5 things I LOVE about my girl, Mishy

I am noticing a distinct lack of comments on this engaging, new, top 5 series. RUDE.

1) She will, in all seriousness, do the "sexy dance" that Bird and I created to secure her a marriage proposal. You're welcome, cuz that sh*t worked.

2) She is the BEST, most laid-back travelling buddy ever. She goes with the flow, which is extremely rare in a group full of hardcore Bs like we got going up in here. I am including myself in that tally. I likes my way. Cuz it's right. Duh.

3) She co-founded this RAD club. It has been a far greater success than our ill-fated scrapbook club.

4) She will go full-on J-Lo and lay on the bow (that's rich boat talk for hood) of a boat drinking cocktails while it is dead in the middle of the Caribbean.

5) She will get wasted, puke, pass out, then rally and make molten cakes for everyone! BEST RALLY EVER.

Much love, gurl.


  1. We love your lists, J. Uber funny.

  2. We need video of the sexy dance!

  3. Sexy dance! Man it's been a long time since I've done that. ;) Am I supposed to top last Exuma trip? I kinda set the bar for myself a little high!!!

    Love the lists :)

  4. Do not forget about Mishy's mad skillz in the kitchen with the baked goods and on the photography tip! Double Threat!