Top five things I LOVE about my girl, Heather

Sorry so slow on this, ladies, but I do have a day job.  And by day job I mean a commitment to catching up on all the episodes of Dance Moms I've been missing since I just discovered the show.  It's been on like two years, so have a heart.

Now, on to my girl, HB:

1)  She's a super high-powered attorney.  I like to surround myself with fancy folk, and lawyers are WAY fancy.  PS - she's wicked smart.

2)  She gets drunker than me.  This a difficult task and it requires a TON of commitment.  HB has NEVER let me down in her unfailing commitment to wine, beer, and booze.  I really respect that.

3)  She has zero problems with the fact that I refer to her husband as "my best gal pal."  Loves.

4)  She's super duper thoughtful and gives gifts that are way too generous.  Did I just say way too generous?  That was stupid, sorry.

5)   She's still mad at me because I told her husband (6 years ago) that he's a "great singer," so he consequently sings all the time.  Hating on your husband is cool, and HB is THE COOLEST.

Love you, friend!


  1. You're the best. Can't wait to celebrate your bday Exuma style. Love you!

  2. Will she top JLo in Exuma?!? Bring on the alcohol, ladies!!