Top five things I LOVE about my girl, Laura

So, first off, I don't think Laura even reads this blog, so maybe someone email her the link.  I would do that myself, but as you can all guess, I don't really know how to email links.

Here goes:

1)  She will drive all the way from Ft. Worth to hang out with the whole bunch of Bs that we are, and I've never heard her complain.  Not even once.  Not even when she was doing the drive in a Jeep.

2)  She NEVER underestimates the power of a Chick-fil-A nugget tray. 

3)  She and her man, Soup, let us experience what it's like to live the high life of the Soup and Sauce King of the Southwest and his lady, by taking us to a fancy private dining room experience at Del's every year at Christmas.  Serious royal treatment!  I feel like I'm with the mayor of Ft. Worth every time.

4)  At her wedding, she had her DJ play a special song for each bridesmaid/groomsman to run into the reception.  Like at the beginning of an NBA basketball game!  I'm pretty sure she picked, "Hillbilly Rock" for my Dad.  Single tear.  PS - I probably would've gone with "Hello, Country Bumpkin," but it was her wedding after all.

5)  She is BY FAR the nicest one of us.  BY FAR.  She listens to us moan and complain and smiles the sweetest smile every time.  But she don't judge.  She ain't like that.

One love, sweet Laura.

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  1. Agreed - by far the nicest! She does hear a lot of b*tching.