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So, I am about to enter some seriously uncharted territory.  This post IS going to be a list, don't get crazy, but I'm about to throw some mad love in a direction that is totally weird/a little barfy. 

My dad.  As in my husband.  As in the person who I generally complain about then say, "single tear."  Sorry I'm so hilarious.  Seriously though, on the eve of our 23rd dating-iversary (yes, I still count different -iversaries, even though my Dad said in like '98, "stop that, I'm not getting you multiple presents per year, and that sh*t was made up by Hallmark.."- single tear, as always), I'm about to rock my top 5 reasons why he's still my Jake Ryan.  And if you don't know who that is, well you better ax somebody.

Here goes:

1)  He still makes me mix tapes.  They are CDs now of course but he still makes them.  Fairly frequently.  Sometimes it's a total fail (hello - alternative country is not my bag, baby), but sometimes it's just the right mix of nonsense for me (Salt and Pepa here).  And then, it's glorious.

2)  He sits aside WSJ articles that he thinks are of interest to me.  And sometimes he even circles the article.  It's adorbs.  Yet still WSJ-riffic and just so him.

3)  Once, when he got motor oil on his khakis, he screamed at me, "dang, I got Vamp on my pants!!"  As in the best ever nail color, Vamp, from Chanel.  It's super awesome when a hard-a$$ dude knows what Vamp is.

4)  He uses our sex-iversary as his password on some of his many accounts.  I just found this out a few months ago.  Seriously.  Awesome.

5)  I once asked him (because a bunch of my friends were asking their husbands this and I'm a total follower, hello) to tell me something "cute" that I do.  The other husbands said things like "wrinkle your nose when you laugh," or "stick the toothbrush in that little hole in the sink when you put the toothpaste on it," etc. etc. Typical stuff you'd totally expect and all the girls were totally charmed by it.  So, I ask him, and without missing a beat, he says, "dog my a$$ 24/7."  Then goes back to reading the WSJ.  For serious.  Pretty much sums up our whole relationship.  And I wouldn't change it.  Not one thing.  Except the cheapness.  I would totally change that.  PS - if anyone has any ideas on how to change that, give me a holler.

The end.  You can stop barfing now.  Oh and btw, he would totally HATE that I wrote this.  But, he also would NEVER read this blog so it's our little secret.  Shhhhhhh.

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