Top 5 Things I LOVE about my gurl, DARA

Bam!  You thought it was over, but you know I like to be real tricky, and what's more tricky than waiting 6 or so months between blog posts that are supposed to be a 7-part series?  Nothing, that's what.

PS - I've been super busy going on fab vacays and working out, so have a heart.

Here goes:

1)  She's f'ing gorgeous.  Like a model.  And homey don't play no dogs.  Dubai.

2)  She is my biggest fan.  I'm super selfish, so I dig people that like to promote me to the Dallas community.  Particularly on the west side, because my fan-base is generally east-centric.  Gotsta diversify.

3)  She is not afraid to drive a dune buggy instead of car.  That's what makes her real.  Like J-Lo.  Except her a$$ is more toned.  From the Barre Method.  Whatever the hell that is.

4) She's super-wack-funky-crazy in love with her own husband. It's the sweetest thing ever. It's like Jay-Z and Beyonce except she's prettier than Beyonce. And Baby Blue Ivy ain't got nothin' on her babies. And by that I mean she is uglier than them. I'm sorry to be harsh to Beyonce, as I've actually never seen Baby Blue Ivy, but I know this to be true nonetheless, and I'm not doing Beyonce any favors by shielding her from this fact any longer.

5)  She is the best MOM ever.  I wish she was MY mom.  Her house is like Candyland/Astroworld combined, and her kids are super cute and sweet.  She makes it look easy and effortless, which I would generally consider to be rude, but when she does it you can tell it's just meant to be that way.  And who am I to argue with God?

Love 4-eva, DB!


  1. So happy to see the top 5 return!!! I would also like to add how much I love that Dara loves the same insanely hot fictional characters as me. We are sisters from another mother.

    1. Oh yes we are!!!! Miss you Ivy. 4 more years???? Too long, friend.